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#1 datamonitor
21/02/2006 21:20


I have an interview with datamonitor, a consulting company. Does anyone have any idea how is the environment, is it something like mckinsey or .... more cool? what do they ask? Any feedback is appreciated!

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#2 Re: datamonitor
22/02/2006 08:22

Tony Restell (

These two are chalk and cheese. Do a search on the forum for the firm's names and you should find plenty of previous threads about them to help you along your way.

McKinsey are the world's top strategy consultancy. My understanding is that Datamonitor's work is much more oriented around producing industry focused reports - which themselves then open doors to do some consulting work as well as the report production. If anyone from Datamonitor would care to expand on this, please feel free to do so...


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#3 Re: datamonitor
22/02/2006 13:29


Thanks! I ll have a look. Any idea about the interview process?

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#4 Re: datamonitor
22/02/2006 13:38


Anka, I think you really need to research datamonitor properly. Your expectations do not appear to match what DM actually do. DM is however, an excellent place to start a career - really good grounding in analysis.

Not sure about what sector you are interviewing with. But, I presume there will be a case study and a chance for you to appear knowledgeable about the sector you have applied for.

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#5 Re: datamonitor
22/02/2006 15:01


My background academic and professional is in healthcare. I worked for deloitte before and government organizations in europe. I applied for a position as a consultant for healthcare/life sciences industry. Have you been an employee of datamonitor? NYC / London or elsewhere?

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#6 Re: datamonitor
22/02/2006 22:20


Any specific feedback about interview experience with datamonitor?

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#7 Re: datamonitor
23/02/2006 09:51


I interviewed for the healthcare practice some years ago, me MSc and PhD in life sciences, freelance experience for biopharma consultancies, and 2 yrs global commercial strategy at the largest UK pharmaceutical company (not the Anglo-Sweedish one, the other one). Interviewed for an analyst position, let it be known that I wanted to move to consulting later, got a frosty reception from my interviewees who were younger and less experienced than me. Never heard from them afterwards, when I phoned their manager he said he hadn't heard from them. So I had a bad experience with them, don't let your ambitions be known is my tip. If it's healthcare i.e., the biopharmaceuticals field, you want to focus on, take it from someone working in that industry that WoodMacKenzie or IMS Health are more highly regarded than DM.

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#8 Re: datamonitor
23/02/2006 12:45


Thank you! Was the interview in NY? Did you have a case study?

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#9 Re: datamonitor
25/02/2006 16:39


DM is good because there are many young and international guys and girls working there, lots of Europeans.

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#10 Re: datamonitor
26/02/2006 14:51


Datamonitor can never be compared to Mckinsey! Where did you get this idea from?!

I worked for 3 months at IMS Management Consulting. It was very bad around there...and IMS still is a market info provider! What Consulting????! They have many people coming from Datamonitor! So does did help you or what?!

At IMS I had a terrible manager...he was a person full of issues in my point of view...and the environment there was really bad! Often I was told that the environment there was better than Datamonitor...! So...I do not want to trouble you much...but you sould consider well what company to go for..

At an interview with DataM....probably you can be ask about your excel proficiency!

Good luck!


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#11 Re: datamonitor
28/02/2006 17:00


I had the second interview. Environment is very friendly and it seems that people are really comfy and good. I have to submit a kind of "case study". Hope it works. Thanks for the info. If any other feedback is always welcomed.

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