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Case Study - Deloitte

#1 Case Study - Deloitte
10/02/2006 22:28


Hey Guys,

I have a second interview with Deloitte consisting of two interviews and a case study. It is for the Consulting Technology Advisory area. Any advice/tips on the case study or interview?


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#2 Re: Case Study - Deloitte
11/02/2006 16:38

john mcbride

My friend went for first round interviews in London with Deloitte on FRiday 10th - the day you posted the message.

DId you go that day too, and did you hear back immediately? If not, how long does it take?


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#3 Re: Case Study - Deloitte
14/02/2006 22:20


Sorry for delay in replying!

I went a few days before that. I heard back from Deloitte couple days after - quite quick.

I will have an essay, two interviews and case study!

Any advice on this day will be much appreciated...esp case study and essay!!! :) Anyone already been through this?

PS: I really really want the job!

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#4 Re: Case Study - Deloitte
16/02/2006 15:25


I had the similar a month ago and didnt make it.However,here's the brief :

5-6 of you will be put in a room. First the Essay and Presentation- This is an individual effort and not a group effort. They will give you a statement and you have to discuss the pros and cons of the statement and make a recommendation - The final recommendaiton has to be on a flipchart. Along with this , you have write an essay on how you came to that conclusion(One A4 size paper equivalent). I cant remember what statement I got but it was very high level and something like "Poor Planning is the biggest reason for failed IT Delivery Projects" or something similar. My recommendation wud be to focus more on your FlipChart presentation and less on the Essay - I did the reverse and paid the price as I didnt have much time to make the flipchart look "beautiful". Once you have done this , a Senior Manager will take your first interview, where you will present your recommendations(on your flipchart) and he will read your essay while you are doing this. This will be followed by your CV discussion and a few questions related to that. The Second interview is usually a Partner and he asks questions like "Where do you see yourself 5 years from now" and so on. In the end , you will have a Group Case Study , where all 5-6 of you will be given a situation(case study) and you will have to act as if you are Deloitte Consultants and what what you recommend to the client. Its like a group discussion and (for me)was the most annoying of all-I almost slept through it(which might explain why I didnt make it ) , Beware of the pyscho, very agressive folks in your group as they wont know much but will try to shout everyone down - I got 2 of them in my group. Use big words and Consulting slangs cos the 2 evaluators seemed to like them.

I found it all a bit Over The Top but I guess its their company and they can choose whatever format they think appropriate.

Good Luck to you.

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#5 Re: Case Study - Deloitte
17/02/2006 09:57


Titin - thanks for ur reply! Extremely useful!

Could i ask was this a grad position or exp hire? Just in case it is different to one i am going for - it is an exp hire position.


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#6 Re: Case Study - Deloitte
17/02/2006 11:47


Glad to be of help - I have benefited immensely from this group and I find it only fair that I help others.

I interviewed as an Experienced Hire too, for a role in the Development and Integration(or something similar) department.

Good Luck with your interview

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#7 RE: Case Study - Deloitte
23/09/2006 18:34

johnnyc to MaybDeloitte (#5)

Hi can you tell me how your interview went at deloitte as i have one coming up for an experienced hire- and would appreciate some advice on the day- email is aetbaars at yahoo dot com

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#8 RE: Case Study - Deloitte
11/11/2006 22:08

shr to johnnyc (#7)


How did ur interview go?

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#9 RE: Case Study - Deloitte case study
11/11/2006 22:13

Sunshine to MaybDeloitte (#5)


How was your interview? Have you landed in your job at Deloitte? Pl. can you give me some tips for the second interview.


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