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Advice urgently needed

#1 Advice urgently needed
11/04/2002 00:00


Hi, I am a graduate in Business Studies with a years experience as a Business Analyst. I am looking to enter a career in Management/Strategic consultancy but the problem is that most companies are asking for a very high number of UCAS points. Could anyone please advice the best route into Consultancy. Also, are there any recruitment agencies that specifically deal with careers in consultancy? Regards,HB.

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#2 Re: Advice urgently needed
11/04/2002 00:00


You are being asked for points not by those who might use you in the field (for which those 'points' mean bugger all, frankly), but by a HR dept. or a recruitment agent. Either way, the main reason they are asking for lots of points is that they have no business right now, so only may recruit one or two people, so will look for any excuse to filter out candidates. I suggest to you that if times are so tight, those employers should be avoided anyway. (These employers tend to be the same ones that forget the formula 'NO ADDED VALUE x VERY LARGE FEE = NO ADDED VALUE' There are fewer clients out there willing to put up with it now).

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#3 Re: Advice urgently needed
18/04/2002 00:00


Dear HB,

Richard is right, and with a very refreshing style if you ask me. Just the sought of honest, up front comments that is desparately needed in this hyped out world of Consultancy.

For what its worth, I believe the existing Management Consultancy Model has had it's day, (thank God) and the Big Players will either have to 'Add Value' along with Reduced Fees or break up into smaller dynamic specialist companies, so no luck there for a post.

My advice is to seek out a small dynamic Consultancy Company that is practising a new way of doing business and try and get a post as a trainee, I'm afraid that one years BA experience gets you no-where in the world of strategic consulting. I'm MD of one, but we would not recruit someone with so little experience in the current climate. There are just too many good 'been there, seen it, and done it' people available just now'. It also goes against our new model which is experience+added value+guaranteed price+guaranteed time+guaranteed delivery = repeat business.

I would also steer clear of agencies. Most of them have no idea of what the client really needs and to sift out the hundreds of applicants for every Consultant post now, they have lost themselves in the world of 'check list criteria'. You could be the best fit in the world and not make it through. Sad for the client.

As a last comment (which I admit has not been that encouraging) is to be careful when goig for posts on the Internet. There are some organisations out there who will try and sell you 'Networking' opportunities for a huge registration fee. Don't do it.

It's a tough business at the moment



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#4 Re: Advice urgently needed
18/04/2002 00:00


Hi Mike - this is some sound advice

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#5 Re: Advice urgently needed
24/05/2002 00:00

Kalpesh Morar


I was wondering if I could get some advice.... I've just completed an MBA (Cranfield) and have a background in IT (10 years) - mostly in Zimbabwe running my own small IT company and then setting up and running an IT Training centre. I've been in the UK for almost three years now and have worked for an ecommerce company (9 months) that went bust and I've just left ICL after a year as a Service Manager. Like HB I'm keen on a career in management consulting - and having a lot of difficulty trying to get into the field. I am very willing to start at the bottom and work my way up, I'm also aware of the market conditions at the moment - but I'm quite determined to make it. Any suggestions as to what I might try? I would appreciate any assistance with this, I hope to hear from you soon. Kalpesh Morar(

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