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Proudfoot Consulting

#1 Proudfoot Consulting
09/01/2006 10:22



does anybody have any Information about Proudfoot Consulting. I would be really interested to know something about their work, people, salary compared to others and career opportunities.

Any Information would be highly appreciated.


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#2 Re: Proudfoot Consulting
09/01/2006 22:03


The following is merely an opinion, and doesn't necessarily represent the rantings of Top C's consultancy 'gurus' (their own term, I believe).

Rubbish (methodology beats anything big 4 has, but it is still 15 years out of date). Overpriced (they try to charge a whopping £12k+ a man week for their tired rehash of 15 year old tat to businesses that truly ought to know better). Ppl treated poorly (Evening Standard article search should reveal constructive dismissal detail - and no, I wasn't one of those who won substantial damages). You will find a mix of people there from true dregs through to the really very good (not many of them).

Two major clients last five years bailed them out: Uniq plc - their continuing poor performance is widely known so clearly can't have done much there, and that perennial shareholder let down, Invensys. Lots of work in the States (figures). Spoke to one associate on a 'Foot job US side last week, and I quote "I am stuck on this [descriptive expletives deleted] job and I need to get out"

Anyone in business or conuslting who's been around for more than a decade is well aware of the 'foots poor rep.

Avoid if possible.

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#3 Re: Proudfoot Consulting
10/01/2006 13:37


Read Rip Off. Aparently "The Butchers" may be a reference to Proudfoot.

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#4 Re: Proudfoot Consulting
11/01/2006 16:21


At one time....back in the 70's I knew people who worked for them. They were into "short interval scheduling" which is a form of effeciency engineering. Proudfoot got very high billing rates and was a very high-class outfit. People flew 1st class, wore upscale atire, flew home each week from whereever they were working, etc. Have no information on what and how they are doing now.

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#5 Re: Proudfoot Consulting
12/01/2006 01:08

John Bailey


Proudfoot is known as the mother of all the operations-consulting type consultancies world-wide.

Their style and approach is not for everyone, both client and consultant. However, since I do not know your personality I could not tell you much about a possible 'fit.'

Sine I do have quite some experience in that particular line of consultancy and also still know several well-placed individuals at Proudfoot feel free to give me a ring at +49 174 9604463 to discuss this further.



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#6 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
20/09/2006 17:08

md to John Bailey (#5)

Do you have any idea about what should I expect in a proudfoot assesment centre please?



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#7 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
21/09/2006 14:15

Axel to md (#6)

Some group and individual tests/exercises to configure your attitudes and capabilities. You don't need any specific preparation. Just relax.

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#8 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
21/09/2006 21:50 to Axel (#7)


Do you anything about salary for a junior consultant role?

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#9 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
20/10/2006 14:47

Mark Temperley to SAK1976 (#1)

There is an interesting mix of clients including household names. Expect to be at client premises all week and hardly ever in the head office. This may or may not be close to your home, depending on where you live. obviously living near an airport helps if you speak several languages. I have not worked in a Proudfoot team of all one nationality so being multi-cultural is helpful. The team members are great; I haven't met one I don't like working with. Note the word team. I have had projects in 8 countries so far, and the most recent is driveable each day from home for several months. The atmosphere is work hard play hard. there is a structured methodology which is used to approach client projects.

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#10 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
14/12/2006 12:59

Pablo to Mark Temperley (#9)

Hi Mark,

I would like to have a chat regarding your experience in Proudfoot.

How can I contact you?



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#11 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
13/11/2007 03:47

Mike to John Bailey (#5)

how was your experience with proudfoot? i have been offered a verbal offer, but have yet to start, did you have to wait or did you start immediately. from what i have researched about the company it seems to be very good-mike

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#12 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
13/11/2007 03:48

michael to Mark Temperley (#9)

hi, so are you still with them, and if so, hwta is it like for a new consultant coming on board withlimited consulting experience?

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#13 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
18/11/2007 13:39

Mike to John Bailey (#5)

could you give me some insight into working at proudfoot? expectations, salary. benifits? iw ould greatly appreciate it. thanks

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#14 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
03/12/2007 22:29

John Thomas to Mike (#13)

Be careful. The average consultant lasts something like 18 months and management seems to have an idea of complete staff turnover every 3 years. Management seems to be out of touch with reality and there is no career path for consultants. You will get frustrated by the lack of training - their latest internal magazine highlights training for everybody except the consultants! This year most of the 7-ish odd days of training were cancelled. The "bonus scheme" is non-contractory, and many anecdotes suggest it isn't always paid when due or it is lost for reasons outside of the consultants control. You might get asked to travel on a Sunday with no recompense. There are almost no female consultants which probably says a lot. As for getting a pay rise - most consultants didn't get one this year. In fact they seems to be considered as the dogs of the organisation which is interesting as their work is what is sold. One of the hassles is trying to actually run a project which accords with what was sold as the sales team do not work on the projects. But still get bonuses even when the consultants can't deliver what was sold and forfiet their bonuses.

The work is split between projects and BR. (business review) Projects tend to be 6 months. Start with interviews, brown papers (process maps) activity lists.... BRs can last till the early hours and generally last 2 weeks. in spite of that the BRs are quite interesting as you get to see a lot of company from top to bottom in a short period of time.

one of the weaknesses is that projects need to have a 6 month or less payback. so anything that could be useful to the client but will not be seen in either the 6 months or does not result in a cashflow saving is not of interest to the project management which is a bit of a shame. you can forget getting a girlfriend unless you find one that is willing to accept she will only see you at weekends. You are expected to provide your own mobile phone and unbeleivably the company does not provide a laptop mobile data card. Which means you might be unable to send email from a remote client site all day and you would be working in the evenings. Project hours tend to be 8 am - 8 pm.

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#15 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
04/12/2007 14:15

Richard Oshowole to SAK1976 (#1)

The Foot are a good firm. They provide a basic boot camp training in consulting and are an excellent foundation for a career in this business

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#16 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
04/12/2007 21:39

Marc to Richard Oshowole (#15)

Is there anything else you could provide about Proudfoot, such as the compensation, traveling assignments? Is it true you ar enot given a mobile phone? If so, are you compensated for the use of your mobile phone, especially ifyou're on an assignment in an foreign country.

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#17 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
05/12/2007 10:02

anon to Marc (#16)

Marc, did you even read the post?

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#18 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
06/12/2007 21:04

Justin K to Richard Oshowole (#15)

Hi richard,

do you have anymore positive stories or experiences to share about Proudfoot. I'm about to start working for them in a few weeks. I am aware of the extensive traveling, I'm single and don't mind being all over the world, but would like some more info from you.

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#19 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
07/12/2007 16:11

Anon to Justin K (#18)

positive or truthful? Use your time with the company to get as much experience as you can of different industries before you move on

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#20 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
07/12/2007 16:23

Anonymous to Marc (#16)

Your business phone calls are reimbursed but not the monthly fee, which is an interesting calculation for your rollover minutes.

Consultants salaries - £25k to 50k, senior consultants £45k-£55k, project managers £55k - £75k, plus the infamous bonus scheme which might add 10%, or might not.

Expect to travel on a monday morning (or Sunday night without compensation) and back on a Friday afternoon. informal Friday leaving time is 3 pm. You might have to fly Easyjet (not so bad if it's a direct flight) Hotels tend to be Hilton or Marriot so OK. Food expenses are reasonable. What is bad is the philosophy of arriving at 8, leaving at 8 or later, no creativity in methodology which means the work becomes boring after a couple of years, and the lack of training or respect for the consultants. PF has a lot of crazy administration - consultants have to submit a weekly report but nobody in management ever seems to read it!

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#21 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
07/12/2007 20:02

Jason M. to Anonymous (#20)

hey when you say that sunday is not compensated, do you mean food, or hotel? both? and does the company provide company credit cards or do we expense travel and food on our personal credit cards?

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#22 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
07/12/2007 20:05

Justin K to Anonymous (#20)

Hey anoymous, when you say Esay Jet, I was told delta airlines was the preffered. Wow, thanks for the insight , i see that 50/50 of the responses are positive/negative

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#23 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
08/12/2007 11:32

Anon to Jason M. (#21)

no compensation means that you travel let's say at 4 pm to make sure you arrive for Monday morining to some remote site but inspite of 23 half days of travel on a project you get no additional time off. Yes, the company does pay the hotel bills and food. And yes there is a company credit card. The one thing the company does really well for its staff is reimburse expenses promptly.

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#24 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
08/12/2007 11:33

Anon to Justin K (#22)

well Easyjet and Delta don't exactly fly to the same destinations.

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#25 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
08/12/2007 22:20

J.K. to Anon (#23)

great insight- thanks. have you worked for them before? and are most of the assignments international or domestic. I live in the states and was just curious as to if I will mainly be on projects that are international.

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#26 Proudfoot Consulting
10/12/2007 06:47

Anonymous to J.K. (#25)

The international experience depends on:

1. do you speal the langauge of the assignment country or client

2. did the north american busines unit sell the job overseas or the european unit.

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#27 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
10/12/2007 09:25

Sioux to Anonymous (#26)

If you're ready to travel a lot go to Proudfoot consulting...otherwise..see what are you options and reply the 7-why-tree questionnaire.

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#28 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
10/12/2007 14:21

Mark to Sioux (#27)

This site has provided me with great info, can someone tell me, if they work or worked for Proudfoot, where are some of the places you were placed on projects at, and how long are you there?

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#29 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
10/12/2007 15:24

John to Mark (#28)

a typical assignment lasts 6 months

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#30 RE: Proudfoot Consulting
18/12/2007 13:31

Another Anon to John (#29)

USA, UK, UK, FR, UK, UK - it all depends on language skills

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