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Consultants & Investment Banking

#1 Consultants & Investment Banking
21/03/2002 00:00

Simon Smith

That's an interesting question from Leo Bix. Has anyone heard of any Investment Banks / Fund Managers hiring Ex-Management Consultants? As Consultants our industry expertise would surely mean that would be useful as Analysts in I-banking ???

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#2 Does anyone at Top-Consultant know ?
21/03/2002 00:00

Simon Smith

Does anyone at Top-Consultant know if there is likely hood of Ex-Management Consultants getting Industry Analyst jobs in the Investment Banking/Fund Management arena ? or in Venture Capital ?? Rgds Simon.

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#3 Re: Does anyone at Top-Consultant know ?
21/03/2002 00:00


Simon, I took my (our) question to some friends who are in investment banking and VC. Should have done this in the first place, rather than attracting the dubious humour of immature 'consultants'... Yes, investment bankers do hire such analysts and, yes, may of them come from management consulting. It is not about 'mystical' predictions, but about the science, art and craft of market and technology assessment, financial analysis, business case and ROI analysis, change management, HR requirements and development, strategy, marketing etc.etc. - things that management consulting is all about. It helps if one is a bit more observant and trend-spotting, but nobody expects you to be a clairvoyant.

Unfortunately, these are mostly 'junior' roles (no wonder investment bankers and VCs so often back the wrong projects) and as such do not attract the kind of remuneration we, consultants, are used to :o( I'd rather stay a consultant - or set up my own VC fund - one of these days :o))))

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#4 Re: Does anyone at Top-Consultant know ?
22/03/2002 00:00

Tony Restell

Simon, we have in the past run ads for Deutsche Bank and for JP Morgan trying to attract people with our types of background - so yes there is some interest. We've focussed more on bringing you consulting roles of late, but I know some recruitment firms who specialise in this area. Finance Professional, Rochester Professional Services and Mineral are three that spring to mind. Hope that helps and good luck with the search. Tony

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#5 Re: Does anyone at Top-Consultant know ?
22/03/2002 00:00

Simon Smith

Tony, Thanks very much for your advice. Much appreciated, Rgds Simon

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#6 Are you sure you want to get into a bank?
27/03/2002 00:00

Thomas Yeung

In the days when I worked in Corporate Finance for PwC, I supported a number of consortia bidding for (utility) assets in various countries in Europe and Asia Pacific, and the advisory teams generally included bankers, lawyers, and accountants (particularly local tax specialists). From my experience, most bankers are very focused on the financial side of the deal, and know little about the industry and market context of the assets they are buying (that's why they hire in industry experts like us!). Some banks do have in-house industry experts, but these people (though often well paid), are still treated as support staff and are not valued as highly as, say, deal makers, originators, debt structurers, etc. So unless you are willing to become a banker yourself, you will never reach the top in a merchant bank. Is this what you want? For me, the answer was no, and I remained in mainstream consultancy. Others might decide otherwise.

I hope this is useful.

Have fun!


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