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Who would pay for guessing the future?

#1 Who would pay for guessing the future?
21/03/2002 00:00

Leonard (Leo) Bix

I am at the high(er) end of a reasonably successful CRM consulting career, but throughout it (and through past management life in high-tech industries) I have discovered prophetic capabilities that remain un(der)-utilised:

Having made it a habit to monitor the tech sector and keep abreast of most developments, I am often able to see where a trend is going, before others notice (this is well documented and ranges from 'inventing' the Palm Pilot back in '86 to predicting Microsoft's recent entry into SME CRM applications with a 1-week accuracy of the press announcement). I have predicted the failure of several particular at their height (but, since everyone now claims 'I told you so', I also hold 4 technology stocks since 1998 where I never lost money).

I wonder if there is a role, e.g. within investment banking or venture capital firms, where one could make this a core professional ocupation?

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#2 Re: Who would pay for guessing the future?
21/03/2002 00:00

Mystic Mog

I can beat that:

I am an LSE economics graduate with a power that is unsurpassed. I am able to harness the energy of the dead to predict share movements. Forget complex analyses, p/e ratios and share tracking software- embrace my powers and you will become rich, powerful and popular. I charge 15% commission for deals greater than £1000.

Interested? The spirits tell me that you are.. reply to this message if you want my spiritual money making advice.


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#3 Re: Who would pay for guessing the future?
21/03/2002 00:00


Brilliant netiquette, I guess this is the ethical standard of LSE, the school you are so proud of that you didn't bother to parodise its name to match the unsurpassed wit in the rest of your text.

All my stories (there are more of them) can be substantiated, but not to dispel THIS kind of doubt.

Question still open to earnest opinions.

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#4 A couple of suggestions
09/04/2002 00:00


Hi Leo

the Sunday Times recently published an article about a US based consultancy named BrainReserve headed by a lady named "Faith Popcorn" (!) who focus on what they paraphrase as "Futurology". Though the names may sound wild they are actually a well respected and Faith has a number of books out that you can buy at most places e.g. WHSmith. Her consultancy focusses on identifying emerging trends and then selling or applying this to the strategies of large corporations. I am personally interested in this area too, and I think there is definately scope for your kind of skill. Do a search for her site faithpopcorn dot com.

Alternatively I suggest that you might be well received one of the researchers like Gartner or Butler group who do specialise in identifying technology trends and predicting the future uses of emerging technology. Again their sites are informative.

Wishing you success in your hunting!

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#5 Re: A couple of suggestions
09/04/2002 00:00


Thanks, Bobby -

Glad to hear some positive reaction (was expecting more laughter here, but I provoked it). I hope Ms Popcorn is not your finer version of sarcasm and will research their company. I have extensively used Gartner, IDC and the like in my work, but never thought about working for them. The other idea, though, sounds more attractive.

Did you notice the Nanotechnology posting by Julian and emerging thread - it fits my situation (I responded as Also Interested, then entered into direct contact with Julian and we see opportunities in innovation consulting). It sounds like you share similar interests - have a look and then contact us, you might be interested to join our small group and contribute ideas and capabilities.



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#6 Re: Who would pay for guessing the future?
18/04/2002 00:00


Dear Leo:

You have been blessed! Not too many people have your skills, and if they do they are not able to prove it via a trak record. I used to be part of the innovation team of a quite successful mid size consulting practice and we delivered every three months our insights as a top quality product. We were very successful and this practice should be replicated. Please contact me if you want more information ( or if you are planning to make a small group of visionaries get together. Cheers! F

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#7 Re: Who would pay for guessing the future?
18/04/2002 00:00

krystal Ball

If you are that good, you should be able to guess!

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