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Who to target for experience?

#1 Who to target for experience?
19/03/2002 00:00


Hi. I'm a penultimate year undergraduate doing Business Managment (with a strong IT basing) in Newcastle, UK.

I'm trying to get an internship for the summer in technology consultancy but have had replies from a number of companies (Accenture and the like) saying they have cancelled their schemes due to the current economic climate.

I have a stong academic record, work experience & acheivements and I'm not giving up! I now plan to contact companies regarding non-formal paid work experience placements. As I have no contacts, and am also concerned about the fragility of the financial service connected consultancies (I applied to Andersen!), I would really appreciate some guidance as to the best companies to target for this purpose.

Many thanks.

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#2 Re: Who to target for experience?
19/03/2002 00:00

Tony Restell

sarah, what is most important - both to give you a feel for whether you want to be a consultant and to win CV points - is to get yourself an internship with ANY consulting firm. I would advise applying to the numerous smaller consultancies, who will receive far fewer applications and also are more likely to be doing well enough to take on interns. The Company Profiles section will give you an idea of firms to apply to, as will a bit of searching on search engines. HTH, Tony

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#3 Re: Who to target for experience?
21/03/2002 00:00

Aseem Sadana

DiamondCluster would be a good place to try. Although their summer internship programme is looking more towards continental European offices- i.e. Germany, Spain and France. If you have the appropriate language skills, give it a shot.

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#4 Re: Who to target for experience?
21/03/2002 00:00

Tom Pickering

I had the same experience, I am a final year student who had aimed throughout uni to get to accenture, unfortunately it was to happen right now, so I looked at other industrys around me that I knew were clients of the big consultancy firms. I found Amerada Hess Ltd in Aberdeen, they had a space for the summer and I grabbed it since then, I have been offered a years contract working in a change initiative, and have helped design their systems and have advised on how to take it forward. I am afraid my knowledge of the financial consultancy sector is weak, however I would say that many big companies are looking for SAP consultants, why not try and get into a SAP project as an assistant for the summer. The great thing is that you make so many contacts in the consultancy companies as they are working alongside you. I have been asked by a consultant for PWC in the oil industry if I would consider going to them. The opportunities are there, the industry is just so nervous the best advce I can give is do not give up, keep knocking on doors, every time they say no, its one step closer to someone who will say yes and if you are like me and didn't have any contacts before you started, then ask for every persons business card you meet and don't be scared to give them a shout. These consultantcy companies love it when you have had experience with their big clients, it opens loads of doors. ALl the best any other questions , give me a shout



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#5 Re: Who to target for experience?
21/03/2002 00:00

Zoe D

Hi there,

As a recent graduate of business with information management I can understand your problem. My main suggestion is to start to get creative and look beyond the big players by concentrating upon smaller consultanies. Also consider looking beyond the UK for example Ireland. With regards to the fragility of the economic enviroment there really is nothing that you can do about it so just try to get the best experience available.

Good luck

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#6 Re: Who to target for experience?
21/03/2002 00:00

Robert Parikh

Yes, it's not a good year for the internship schemes, but there are plenty of ways around it. Here are two suggestions:

Go on the STEP ( scheme which places students into small and medium sized companies and allows them to work on a project to try to improve efficiency or some other aspect of business. In other words, a consulting project, all be it one with much less structure, i.e. one which lets you use your initative. The pay is not great, but their is a national competition you can enter if you performed well whilst on the scheme, which would impress many potential employers if you do well when you come round for the milkround.

Simply ask local firms if they need any help with a technological aspect of the business, ask at the career centre if they know of any firms with a situation similar to this. If you wander around long enough you will find a way to get experience, particularly if you are willing to work for very little.

Most of all it's about using your ingenuity to find a way around the problem, you need experience, but everything you do in life is an experience, if you can learn something new and communicate what it was to a potential employer then it is worth doing.

Best of luck,

Robert Parikh

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#7 Re: Who to target for experience?
22/03/2002 00:00

margaret forrester

I have recently completed an MSc in Psychological Assessment for Organisations. I would like to work for a consultancy that works in organisational management, organisational development either as its main focus which may be a niche consultancy or as a branch of its work.

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#8 Re: Who to target for experience?
02/04/2002 00:00

Angela Heath

Margaret, In answer to your query regarding possibilities in consultancy, whereby you can leverage your Masters in Psychological Assessment, there will be potential options within both the larger multi-disciplinary organisations and smaller niche players. I would however suspect that at the moment, in light of the current market conditions, there may be more scope within a dedicated specialist organisation.

At BLT, we tend to handle opportunities for experienced hires, but I am happy to discuss matters further with you. Why don't you drop me a line at

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