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Executive Search Firms

#1 Executive Search Firms
25/04/2001 00:00

Andreas Costa

I work for one of the Big 5 Management Consultancies in the CRM area and was headhunted by Hanover Matrix International - (An Executive Search Firm working only in Technology).

They were brilliant with me and should anyone in the Consultancy area be looking around i highly recommend them.

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#2 Re: Executive Search Firms
25/04/2001 00:00

Paul Stevens

I was recently headhunted by INS Management, who were also very professional. It was quite refreshing to speak to a Consultant that not only knew the market but also understood my area of expertise.

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#3 Re: Executive Search Firms
27/04/2001 00:00


I have looked for this firm's address on the web but have had no luck. Could you please give me the url.



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#4 Re: Executive Search Firms
27/04/2001 00:00

Paul Stevens


The firms url is My contact there is Neil Edge who. When speaking to him, do mention that I recommended the firm.


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#5 Re: Executive Search Firms
30/04/2001 00:00

Andreas Costa

Yvonne, Hanover Matrix Intl are at and are based in some swish offices at 38 Jermyn Street.

Hope this helps.

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#6 Re: Executive Search Firms
30/04/2001 00:00


As this forum is supposed to be factual, I would like to make you aware that Andreas Costa is not a Consultant but a recruiter at Hanover Matrix and so is not in a position to recommend after having used the service.

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#7 Re: Executive Search Firms
11/05/2001 00:00

Neil Crumpton

Dear Yvonne,

Firstly, let me introduce myself – my name is Neil Crumpton and I am the Head of the Research Team for Hanover Matrix International. I am obviously pleased with your interest in the company and would like to give you some additional information that may not be found on our website ( as it is currently be redesigned.

We work purely as a Search firm and have clients throughout the whole of Europe (such as IBM BIS, Accenture, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, William M. Mercer, etc.) dealing purely with mid- to top-levels positions.

I would like to think that we could be of use to you, either now or in the future, so please feel free to speak to me direct (all contact details below) or call our switchboard on 020 7494 4242 and ask for either myself or Neil Newman (Director).

Kind regards,


P.S. Andreas, thank you for your kind words about Hanover Matrix.

Neil Crumpton

Head of Research

hanover matrix international

tel: +44 (0) 20 7494 4242

ddi: +44 (0) 20 7851 4425

fax: +44 (0) 20 7494 4282



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#8 Re: Executive Search Firms
11/05/2001 00:00


Quite bizarre really as if you look at postings further down this forum, you will see that Andreas Costa is actually a Consultant with Hanover Matrix. Please feel free to call the main reception number and ask for him. As mentioned in an earlier mail, this forum is supposed to be factual.

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#9 Re: Executive Search Firms
14/05/2001 00:00

Neil Crumpton

Dear all and ‘Anonymous',

As stated earlier, I am the Head of Research for Hanover Matrix, and know of no employee called "Andreas Costa"; please feel free to call me or my receptionist who will state the same.

Like all reputable Executive Search firms, we pride ourselves on our reputation, which is extremely strong in the Management Consulting and Technology sectors (for an impartial view please view - click on the 'search' title). Whether you are looking for a change of career or looking to recruit senior level staff, please feel free to contact myself as we are more than happy to try and be of assistance to all management consultants and consultancies.

Kind Regards,

Neil Crumpton

(Name stated to provide authenticity and legitimacy).

P.S. Dear ‘Anonymous’, I hope that this will now prevent what seems to be a constant attack on Hanover Matrix and our credibility, via this forum. If you are actually a legitimate Management Consultant, please call me as soon as possible as I am never happy to see people discrediting my company and am obviously keen to explain our services; again, my number is +44 (0)20 7851 4425 and my email is; I look forward to speaking to you personally.

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#10 Re: Executive Search Firms
16/05/2001 00:00



Further to your note, I would just like to clear couple of issues that were raised. My posting on this forum was not in anyway discrediting either yourself or the service that Hanover Matrix provide. The reason for the posting was to make individuals that use this forum aware that although Hanover Matrix may be a very credible firm, Andreas Costa actually works for you. As a Consultant myself currently working within the Business Transformation practice of a 'Big 5 firm' and having relationships with recruiters, this I am sure of. I am not however sure that this is the real name or an alias. At the same time, a little self publicity is not all bad, I just wanted to make other less informed individuals aware. The reason for using 'anonymous' is due to my considering a move and not wishing that my employers find out at this early stage. Regards

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#11 Re: Executive Search Firms
16/05/2001 00:00

Andreas Costa

Mr Crumton, i would like to thank you for clearing up this case of mistaken identity. Although i admit that i was previously in contact with Hanover Matrix as a candidate, my involvement with them ceased once they had introduced me to potential employers.

With this in mind, i wish to inform 'Anonymous' once and for all that I DO NOT WORK FOR HANOVER MATRIX INTERNATIONAL. Additionally, i resent the fact that you have labelled me a charlatan.

I trust this matter is now done and dusted.

Thank you again Mr Crumton.

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#12 Re: Executive Search Firms
14/06/2001 00:00

Graham Parcell

What a pity poor old Andreas got harranged so much for being complimantery of a Saerch Firm's service.

If you are still available Andreas I would like to "place" you.

Kind regards

Graham Parcell

Opal / Director

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