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#1 Europe
14/03/2002 00:00


If the major players in Europe are going after acquisitions like KPMG, what is the future for merely consultancy based organisations in mainland Europe? Are the hardware/services compnies going to take over- and is that why so many consultancies who deal in systems intergration are now growing mnagement consultancy arms?

Who are the major players in Europe now?

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#2 Re: Europe
13/04/2002 00:00

Steve Fisk

I would say you have it backwards, it is the management consultancies that are going for implementation revenue because that is where the money is. McKinsey and other strat firms will never be good at implementation because it is not a core offering for them, so they will stick to what they are good at. Firms like Accenture have lead the way on migrating from management consultancy to implementor. KPMG and other are following along.

However the money to be made right now in Europe is in SAP. Why? Most companies historical invested heavy in SAP and need modifications to their platforms to address emergin business issues. Most would like to buy something better, particularly in the CRM area, but due to lower profit margins (or higher losses or both) companies are leveraging what they can.

As far as the big movers in Europe: Strat would have to be McKinsey, Implementation would be IBM and Accenture, CRM is Accenture without rival.

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#3 RE: Europe
14/05/2013 12:41

I to Steve Fisk (#2)

I kind of disagree. There isn't enough of strategy work these days and so everyone is doing implementation, including McKinsey. It will be good to read this Economist article on management consulting:

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#4 RE: Europe
14/05/2013 12:57

marsday to Basil (#1)

For services/vendor firms growing a consultancy arm isnt really an attempt to replicate management consultancy it is building a direct to end user channel through which to sell stacked SI offerings. The biggest threat to European consulting firms isnt so much consolidation (which hasnt really resulted in the competition vacuum it might have done) but the surge of the Indian BPOs. In time there will be a run to brand, as their usually is, but in the meantime rates are being pushed down, and the the leader proposition 'transformation' means a cross-functional, cross capability sell which actually favours the solutions guys more than the consulting firms which designed it.

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#5 RE: Europe
14/05/2013 18:03

Mr Cool to I (#3)

Er.....wouldn't the original poster have had to invent a time machine to read that particular article, or does the Economist have a "future archive" where you can read what they're going to publish eleven years from now...?

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#6 RE: Europe
15/05/2013 14:57

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Mr Cool (#5)

interesting... so implementation is where it's at these days... no wonder selling strategy type work is becoming so difficult... i thinks i'm gonna go get me some meetings with old clients to talk about our new "Strategy Into Action" service that i made up 5 seconds ago...

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#7 RE: Europe
17/05/2013 05:14

Hypothesis-driven to I (#3)

Agree with I - all the major players (be they MBB and/or full service providers/Big4) bring implementation capabilities to whatever topic they're advising on. And why not? Longer burn and more billings ... all the while deepening client relationships by having "skin in the game."

On top of this, the project mix has shifted for MBB. Depending on the geography, non-strategy topics make up most of the billings these days...

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