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Who is this guy? Management consulting on Youtube and other resources

#1 Who is this guy? Management consulting on Youtube and other resources
14/01/2019 18:50


Hi folk,

just got told by a friend about this guy (management consultant) on Youtube giving insights into the consulting world, consulting vlogs, etc. etc. etc.

He is a pretty big deal at my uni (Austria).

I find him entertaining, sometimes a bit extravagant, MOSTLY intelligent content though..

Do you know him?


Ever heard of similar management consulting "influencers", maybe somewhere else, Instagram, LinkedIn (Linkedinfluencers?!)?

Really looking to learn more about the industry in another (more unusual) way.

All best


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#2 RE: Who is this guy? Management consulting on Youtube and other resources
20/10/2019 03:36

expertsinhow to VascoLil (#1)

I'm not sure who that person is, but if you want good advice from an expert in Business Management Consulting, I'd recommend reading some books by Charlie Leichtweis.

Charlie Leichtweis is focused on one thing. HOW to help your organization achieve sustainable profitable growth. In the world of business consultants, Charlie is unique. Not only can he identify the threats and barriers challenging your business, he has the experience, and knowledge to enable your teams with HOW to execute solutions.

Charlie Leichtweis is a 30 year business veteran with a strong track record of success at some of America’s best known companies. His C-suite experience extends across a variety of businesses, including CEO and President of The Testor Corporation, COO of North American Wholesale Group of Blyth Inc., CFO of Rand McNally Book Services, and CFO and Comptroller of Rust-Oleum Corp.

Charlie’s years of hands-on experience has made him a sought after advisor in the business world. He served as Partner at Phoenix Strategic Advisors & Managing Director at Process Solutions, Inc where his vast experience in global, strategic, operational and financial leadership drove sustainable profit and growth for many companies. Charlie has deep experience in international business, including sourcing & manufacturing organizations in North America, China, Southeast Asia, and Europe. He maintains a strong network of business relationships in those areas of the world which adds to his strength as a business advisor.

Charlie Leichtweis is the founder of Experts in How LLC, a business consultancy focused on helping businesses learn HOW to identify, prioritize, and eliminate barriers to success. The Strategic Consultants & Business Management Consultants in his Consulting Firm Based in Charlotte, NC provide Consulting, Business Consulting, Business Management Consulting, Change Management Consulting, Management Consulting, & Strategy Consulting. Charlie is the author of top selling books including The Power of Respect in Business and Qlikview Your Business. He is also a popular speaker, and serves as a member of the Board of Directors for a number of companies.

You can learn more about his books, experience, and services at

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