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Technology Audit & Risk Analyst

#1 Technology Audit & Risk Analyst
29/03/2018 20:38



I was hoping for a little bit of information and or guidance. I recently applied for an Analyst role at KPMG 2 days ago for a Technology Audit & Risk Analyst position in the northern regions. My background is in Control, I'm a Senior Control Analyst at a custodian bank, with management of a small team, and I've attached my latest role details below. I was hoping you could answer some questions i have as I have been invited to a 1st round 'technical interview'? This is my first application to the big 4, I do not have a degree but have worked my way up my current company, I had to leave University due to my mother passing away with cancer. I have studied CISI exams in Securities and Investment, Operational Risk, and FCA regulation. and will shortly be doing a financial risk qualification. Would anyone be able to advise me on the below questions? Any feedback positive or negative would be appreciated

1) What sort of questions will they ask in a technical interview?

2) What sort of Salary can I expect at Analyst level? I'm currently on £28,000

3) Does my CV lend itself to this department, or is it too different?

4) Do i realistically have a chance at gaining a role at a big 4 company?

5) What would generally be the next steps if successful at this stage?

6) Is there any other advice you could offer to me in assisting my search for a big 4 role?

• Control oversight of a number of departments encompassing Derivatives, Global Corporate Events, Client Services, Income & Tax, Enterprise Client On boarding and Settlement functions

• Assist the CAP regulatory Oversight Manager in there day to day duties and audit action points

• Co-ordination and compilation of the CAP regulatory memo for the SANV for the banks leadership team

• Lead the monthly risk reviews with business and function heads in which high and intermediate risk items were discussed and challenged based on business standard risk reviews, chased action points, and monitored KRI's

• Control oversight of the Assets Under Custody month end process to mitigate audit action points

• Development and management of the control teams procedures and subsequent reviews, maintenance of the department RCSA's to reduce the low, medium, and high risk items to acceptable levels

• Creation of procedures for a number of the companies business lines to reduce operational risk items.

• Assisting the CAP Oversight Manager in reaching out to business lines to gather Audit evidence for external audits

• Managed the migration of number of functions to my department to mitigate the risk of CASS and CAP breaches

• Managed the transition of 2 new processes from the Brussels legal entity to the UK entity.

• Directly manage a team of control analysts with strong people management abilities and leadership

• Questioning practices and procedures within the bank, identifying areas or potential risk that require investigation and developing appropriate solutions

• Management and yearly review of user access for a variety of internal systems

• Supporting the wider business in delivering key projects and business change

• Supporting the oversight of business activity, providing appropriate challenging of potential risk control items

• Identifying opportunities for development or improvement of existing processes and control within the bank and delivering effective solutions

• Maintaining effective working relationships with all lines of defense within the business

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#2 RE: Technology Audit & Risk Analyst
28/04/2018 14:57

TheGraduate to amc1234 (#1)

1) As its a role within the Technology area, they will probably ask for your knowledge of how systems work as the role will mostly include auditing systems. I doubt it'll be anything heavy and they will most likely want to see you have a basic understanding of financial systems (such as GLs, revenue generating etc). I'd expect a lot of "why KPMG?" questions as well.

2) More than £30k + bonus.

3) It is relevant - not necessarily all direct, but your current experience means you will come in with knowledge that most analysts do not hold when they join which will help. You'll take to it a lot easier if you are prepared for being an IT auditor (essentially).

4) If you've been invited for the 1st round technical interview, then yes you are.

5) Depends - sometimes they do ACs, sometimes its straight to a final interview.

6) Come across open and willing to adapt your skills / learn new skills.

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#3 RE: Technology Audit & Risk Analyst
22/09/2018 20:34

amc1234 to TheGraduate (#2)

Hi TheGraduate

Many thanks for you input.

In the end I had to withdraw my application as my father was recently diagnosed with quite advanced stomach cancer, and I felt I could not fully commit to a consulting career.

After the cancellation of the interview a director at KPMG contacted my to ask me for the reason why i had to cancel, and invited me for a coffee, we then had a chat over Linkedin and he suggested to keep in touch.

I am in the process of possibly re applying to KPMG, but would you suggest me applying via the normal route 'online', or should I reach out to the director first and drop him a line to get the process moving more informally?



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#4 RE: Technology Audit & Risk Analyst
26/09/2018 09:32

Tony Restell ( to amc1234 (#3)

Sorry to hear of your father's condition, hope there's been an improvement there.

In terms of now applying, I would definitely go via the contact you've already made as that could help you leapfrog the CV review stage and go straight to interview. It may or may not pay off, but if they were interested before then that should at least pique their interest in looking at you again.

Best of luck. Tony

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