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London -> Abroad

#1 London -> Abroad
11/03/2018 15:05


Currently a Big4 Director & reflecting on London life. Just myself and my partner - we're open to a complete change.

Where are the 'in' places to move to these days for a better standard of living, more $ at the end of the month, and a bit of a different life experience. Middle East? Switzerland? Singapore?

Thoughts would be valuable!

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#2 RE: London -> Abroad
19/03/2018 19:56

noctilucus to Cons (#1)

I've seen both Switzerland and Middle East (read: UAE - Dubai) being quite popular, both for reasons of "more $ at the end of the month" with a high/higher living standard

Very different locations though:

- Switzerland is often found to be very suitable for families with children but relatively dull for others. Be careful though if you would require international schooling for the kids, this costs you an arm and a leg if your employer doesn't provide this as an expat/relocation package

- Dubai is more of an artificial place to stay so quite the opposite. Some consulting ex-colleagues love it and have been there for several years now; others found it great for a couple of years but not for the longer run

No clue about Singapore, only know a few non-consulting folks there so their mileage may vary very much.

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#3 RE: London -> Abroad
20/03/2018 08:20

marsday to Cons (#1)


I second what Noctilius said about Switzerland.

It's a small market though, and strong applicants are often able to negotiate packages to offset the high living costs. There are additional charges for municipal services (vary by Canton) which you are responsible for paying, but in some Cantons the tax deductibles are low. Zurich tends to have a bigger ex-pat community than Basel. If you are a UK national likely you will find German speaking Switzerland more amenable than the French speaking part. If you can live near the border so much the better - you will be on a Swiss package but can do your essentials like groceries in say Germany at a much lower cost.

The Swiss themselves are big on rules. Integrating with them locally will take you a decade or more so forget it, and if you are going to be using any municipal services or facilities there will be rules about them and how you behave with neighbours. It's quite regimented in some respects. Dont get caught speeding in your car either.

But if you have a family it would be hard to beat the standard of living you can find there.


Less of a hub than it was, although the consulting market is still strong. There is a trend towards localisation in some countries (eg KSA prioritising hiring Saudi nationals) and the public sector, which used to soak up many of the locals has been shrinking, so there is higher unemployment, and less money in the economy. That said, big investments into diversifying that economy - it's less about infrastructure now more about leisure and tourism, banking services etc.


Very hard to get there now, almost impossible if you are not a local - major and very public policy to prioritise local Singaporeans over ex-pats. Getting protectionist.


There are other locations which offer a strong consulting market, a different life experience and more $ end of the month. Of course opportunities will depend on your sector and expertise, but have you considered places like Munich (strong consulting market, on the edge of the beautiful Black Forest and the gateway to the stunning Bavaria region. Lovely people too). Netherlands - Amsterdam is proactively attracting ex-pats in consulting and banking, and the EMA has relocated there, Amazon is relocating there, lots of international business links and smaller consulting firms with an appetite to grow. Funny cigarettes too. Also, maybe consider Australia?

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#4 RE: London -> Abroad
20/03/2018 13:07

Camster to marsday (#3)


+1. NRW in Germany is another nice place.

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