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Consultant career?

#1 Consultant career?
04/01/2018 18:03


Hello everyone,

I am new to this site/forum and wanted some professional advice. I have spent 15 years of my career in the Automotive trade and in the 15 years i myself have covered all aspects from manufacturing cars, service repairs, armoured cars among many other car related maintenance.

I have been looking into another career path and recently came across a consultant role.

Now i don't know much of a role of a consultant or how i could bring my past experience to use as a consultant!

Maybe the queastion i am really asking is how do i go about becoming a consultant in the automotive trade?

Where do i start? Do i need training? Courses that i may need to attend ?

Help any ideas thanks

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#2 RE: Consultant career?
22/02/2018 10:20

SaaSnicTechnologies to ziggy85 (#1)


If you are planning to get chance in Consult that would be great. Your automobile experience will help to enhance your career in respective field.

I will recommend to you that you will have to join an institute to be make perfect.

Hope, it will be helpful for you.


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#3 RE: Consultant career?
01/03/2018 06:48

Adnopsis to ziggy85 (#1)

I am noting this inquiry, accepting that you are seeking after counseling out of IIT (undergrad in India).


- Great learning background: chipping away at various ventures in various businesses is unquestionably useful. There is a component of fortunes about which specific activities one gets staffed on.

- Excellent preparing ground for essential aptitudes: while counselQing wont show you a strong ability (like C++), it will make you capable in fundamental abilities, for example, exceed expectations, powerpoint, open talking, conceptualizing, building connections. It is kind of the "human sciences" likeness a vocation.

- Very shrewd associates: individuals in administration counseling are for the most part exceptionally astute - both in book learning and commonsense information.


- You wont be a specialist in one industry. One day, if something happens and you lose your activity or need to land a steady position as an architect - that is most likely going to be troublesome.

- Difficult way of life: heaps of movement, late evenings, and so forth fun toward the start however it's irritating to rest in lodgings consistently while your mates are out having a great time after their work day.

- Satisfaction: now and again you get the inclination that you are not so much making anything profitable. at an item organization, you would be excited when your group makes a noteworthy leap forward (item dispatch, significant association, and so forth). in counseling, you do your examination, make powerpoints, show your case and leave.

trust this makes a difference.

Source: Adnopsis

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#4 RE: Consultant career?
20/09/2018 10:15

ethanscott to ziggy85 (#1)


First we cna discuss what is the role of a consultant. Well, consultants are problem-solvers for hire: businesses and government bring them on board when they have a problem that’s too complicated or the resources needed would be too great for internal staff to resolve.

Consulting avoids most people outside the industry, but those in the know do understand the comfort of taking on difficult issues that have real influence on markets and people.

A general information based platform can be taken as an example.

Here we can fetch intelligence to measure the intensity, scope, predictions, and players in the management consulting domain. While we go through this, it becomes clear to us how the management consulting or the consulting industry is growing and what it can become in times to come. Clearly, there is a huge scope in the consulting industry and you can definitely go for a job in the consulting vertical.

I widh you all the best nad if you need to discuss this any more, please feel free to connet, I will be happy to get involved in conversations like this.

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#5 RE: Consultant career?
26/11/2018 05:06

onsbusiness to ziggy85 (#1)


It's very nice if you are planning to restart your career in the automobile as an Automobile Consultant. For this, you have to take help of an experienced consultant or join any institute to learn things.

I think it will be very helpful for you. All the best for your future!!!

Laura Hines

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