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HSBC Band Progressions

#1 HSBC Band Progressions
17/11/2017 08:23


Anyone have any pointers on the 2 questions below?

Question 1:

How easy (time, expectations, approval process etc) is it for a current HSBC employees to move up the ranks from Band 4 to Band 3 in the Commercial banking business, technology strategy?

Question 2:

I'm currently interviewing for a role with HSBC's tech strategy team. Budgets and approvals for this role have been set at Band 4. My interviewees are Band 2 and 1 employees. They like me as a candidate but see me as too senior for Band 4. From my perspective, while it may be a compromise in salary I see great long term potential in this role- I will be building a team from the ground up in an area which is seeing growth and which I am passionate about.

If we get to a negotiation stage one of 2 things will happen. Either they will be able to upgrade the role to Band 3 or they will need to be convinced that I will be happy in a Band 4 role for now. If the latter I will need to be clear on performance targets, time frames and expectations for a promotion to Band 3 in say 6/12 months.

Anyone have any experience with this, either negotiating a higher band on entry or negotiating a promotion plan? If the latter, I presume the promotion plan will be significantly different to that of a current HSBC employee coming up the ranks? Anyone have any stories they can share?

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#2 RE: HSBC Band Progressions
28/11/2017 15:30

Mr Cool to nation (#1)

There is no such thing as a band-promotion, as would be common in consultancy. The job has a band and that’s it.

To move from GCB4 to GCB3 you would need to apply for and obtain a different job; one that has been graded as GCB3. To get that job you, it would need to be advertised internally and you’d need to out-interview all candidates that apply in an open process. You might be able to do this, but a few words of warning.

No one in the bank can give you a GCB4 role with a promise to move you up to GCB3.

6-12 months to move from GCB4 to a GCB 3 role is not something I’ve ever seen achieved. 2 years is doable if you work 60+ hours a week and hit every target and have a sponsor.

GCB4 is a pretty easy performance level, but performance expectations at GCB3 are a big jump up. There will be GCB3s running small countries!'re right - any promotion plan along the lines of "do well and we'll bump you up" would be 100% outside of normal.

It is a bank that offers a great deal of opportunity though...

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#3 RE: HSBC Band Progressions
15/02/2018 15:32

Tomm to nation (#1)

you don't want to go there, it's and old style corporate environment that tries to play cool to attract millennials

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#4 RE: HSBC Band Progressions
01/03/2018 06:59

Adnopsis to nation (#1)

Typically HSBC India has L8 to L3, I have never seen anyone above L3 often here.

GCB8: Assiciate/Analyst. few departments like Investment banking starts from GCB7.

GCB7: Assistant Manager/Senior Analyst

GCB6: Manager. Often, this can also be the entry level in onshore locations like UK

GCB5: Assistant Vice President

GCB4: Vice President

GCB3: Senior Vice President, usually the Department heads.

Apart from these, below are the continuoution of Global bands though not seen often in India.

GCB2: Directs of COO, CFO, CIOs of the group.

GCB1: Reportees of the CEO

GCB0: The Chief Executive.

Source: Adnopsis

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#5 RE: HSBC Band Progressions
02/04/2020 11:20

JohnNewman to Adnopsis (#4)

Thank you for your comprehensive information. Maybe a site with many useful announcements will help you.

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