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Experienced start in SaaS - BigFour

#1 Experienced start in SaaS - BigFour
12/08/2017 16:30


Hi all,

Great forum, I read some very interesting things here.

Seeing the opportunity to gain narrow knowledge and combining it with great soft skills and taking that from client to client I always considered a career in consulting - especially with a Big Four company.

As I didn't go to university this seemed impossible. But earlier this year I went through two interviews for a Sen Associate position for their HR transformation practice. The final interview for this position with a director is scheduled for the end of the month.

I'm working with a considerable big US tech company in Thames Valley at the moment, where I work on HR transformation and process improvement projects.

At this stage I'm convinced that PWC would be the right opportunity for me going forward. But I was hoping you could provide me with some advise on the salary bit.

Does anyone knows how much I could expect to be paid for a Sen Assoc position, as a experienced external hire in London? Also I wonder what their practice is when it comes to the salary part? Do they ask, do they negotiate or do they just make an offer?

Any advice would be really helpful!

Many thanks in advance!


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#2 RE: Experienced start in SaaS - BigFour
18/08/2017 14:56

Frio to Getinconsulting (#1)

£50k ish.

As with any job offer, it's possible to negotiate.

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#3 RE: Experienced start in SaaS - BigFour
20/08/2017 17:56

Pdp2 to Getinconsulting (#1)

Bear in mind that the HR Transformation practice in PwC is not part of Consulting, which makes the role and future career options slightly narrower. It will very much be SaaS within HR functions.

Also PwC has been downsizing a lot since November last year, with hundreds of voluntary severance packages dished out. So I'd ask about the financial performance of the team and its headcount trajectory.

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#4 RE: Experienced start in SaaS - BigFour
21/08/2017 06:48

Richthekeeper to Pdp2 (#3)

If you're London based you're looking at a salary of around £40-45k in the Technology consulting practice.

HR consulting sits in Tax though, so their salary structure may be different.

Always negotiate.

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#5 RE: Experienced start in SaaS - BigFour
21/08/2017 14:41

Getinconsulting to Richthekeeper (#4)

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies. Very helpful.

They have told me that they're part of the tax unit of PWC.

I don't mind that there is some fluctuation in the company as I've always worked in volatile environments.

I was just wondering whether it is good or rather not great that they're sitting within tax?

Also does someone know if there is a difference between their normal consulting practice and their alliances business, which I I was told works more on a global scale?

Also a few other questions.

1. Does someone know what their normal timeframe is to promote someone from Sen Assoc to MGR level?

2. What is the travel like in a big 4 company (working for a CA software company has completely spoiled me I guess).

3. Is there usually a high demand in the teams to get assignments around their home locations?

I'll share my experiences about te final interview next week.

Have a good week


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