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Joining consulting from a 2nd tier business school (MBA level)

#1 Joining consulting from a 2nd tier business school (MBA level)
10/08/2017 13:01


Hi all,

I have read many valuable comments posted on this forum in the past 1 year so I am now hoping to use this platform to gather advices from experienced professionals as I am seeking a career within the consulting industry. I also hope to contribute to this forum in the future, if I manage to set foot in the management consulting industry.

I will be joining the Warwick full-time MBA programme this coming September and has shortlisted the consulting industry as one of my post-MBA career options. As far as I understand, Warwick is considered as a 2nd tier business school compared to the likes of LBS and Oxbridge. However, I had done my best in all aspects of my application. In fact, I am extremely contented with gaining admission to Warwick since I met my stretch goal. May I just ask a number of questions related to the consulting career prospect upon graduating from WBS?

1) What are the examples of consulting firms that I could join after graduating from WBS, realistically? I am pragmatic with both the school's and my background so I know that it is close to impossible to join the likes of MBB, LEK or even OC&C. Hence, I hope to gather a list of consulting or professional firms with consulting division, that I could realistically apply during the course of my study.

2) How's the reputation of Warwick MBA within the consulting industry?

3) What is the average remuneration of a consultant graduated from a 2nd tier business school, who joins a 2nd tier consulting firm?

4) I am trilingual in English, Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese. Will my linguistic skill-set be of any advantage when seeking a post-MBA consultant position within the UK?

A bit about myself. I am from Hong Kong, grew up in Singapore and am currently holding UK spouse visa so I am free to work in the UK without restrictions. I graduated from a lower-end Russell Group university with 2:1 six years ago and has been working in the field of supply chain and business improvement, with 2 years of managerial experience.

Thank you all for reading and your comments will be very much appreciated.

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#2 RE: Joining consulting from a 2nd tier business school (MBA level)
10/08/2017 14:52

DonLeslie to yipkc (#1)

First of all, congratulations on winning a place at Warwick for your MBA. It's a very good School. The FT ranks it 7th in the UK, 15th in Europe, 44th in the World. "Second tier" doesn't do it justice, in my opinion.

To answer your questions:

1. You can join any consulting firm you like with a Warwick MBA (but bear in mind it's not just the MBA that will get you in. You'll need to show distinctive work experience and strong consulting personality traits.) I know a recent McKinsey hire from Warwick, for example. Use LinkedIn to research other firms' Warwick alumni.

2. Warwick's reputation is better than most in consulting. The MBA is particularly respected for its quantitative side.

3. Remuneration: c£70k base, +/-10%. A bit more with the strat houses.

4. Languages: some, but not much of an advantage. EY, for example, had a drive to recruit Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien speakers to service foreign clients in the UK a few years ago. But it opens up prospects for a transfer to Asia if that appeals.

Warwick runs a Consulting Insights day in the Autumn Term. In previous years firms like McKinsey, Deloitte, PwC, Accenture, PA Consulting have been there. You should sign up for it when you get to campus.

Hope that helps. Good luck!


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#3 RE: Joining consulting from a 2nd tier business school (MBA level)
25/08/2017 11:23

yipkc to DonLeslie (#2)

Hi Don,

thank you for your sincere reply. It is heartening to know about your opinion on WBS. Indeed I will be signing up for the Consulting Insight Day to explore the opportunities available in consulting. I really appreciate deeply for the valuable information that you have provided. Thanks again.


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