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ACN Consulting (London) vs EY Adv Manchester

#1 ACN Consulting (London) vs EY Adv Manchester
29/03/2017 12:06


Got an offer from ACN Consulting for London for over £70K (Consulting manager).

Awaiting EY advisory offer which they say will take 2 weeks. Initial discussion with EY HR gives me an idea that because of being a regional role, its not going to match the ACN offer. (going to be in high 60's)

I was really keen and was looking forward to joining EY, but looks like its ACN for me.

IS there anything for which I should reject ACN and wait for EY offer for Manchester, apart from getting cheaper accomodation by being in Manchester????

How does both companies compare for experience hires in the next 3-5 year outlook?

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#2 RE: ACN Consulting (London) vs EY Adv Manchester
30/03/2017 19:14

cloudnumbernine4u to egurua (#1)

If you are already thinking of reasons why you should reject Accenture , you should not join it. You and the firm both won't have a mutually beneficial relationship.

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#3 RE: ACN Consulting (London) vs EY Adv Manchester
30/03/2017 21:22

ftse-nyse to egurua (#1)

It seems money is your overriding motivator here. What's the real term difference to you between £70K and 'high 60s' though?

In any case, one reason for not declining the Accenture offer is that you don't have one from EY regardless of any prior conversations with HR.

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#4 RE: ACN Consulting (London) vs EY Adv Manchester
11/05/2017 17:00

tiggerkid to egurua (#1)

Money should never be your main motivator for taking or rejecting any job. I am at ACN now and despite some job offers with a higher salary, so far I've not yet been able to match what ACN offers me in terms of opportunity.

One thing I can say is that which location is more suitable for you depends on what line of consulting you are joining. The obvious example is Financial Services. It's quite clear that all of the excitement will be around London as all large FS companies mostly have their HQs in London, so all great work with large clients will be happening there rather than in Manchester, for example.

There are other things to take into consideration. One example is the total package on offer. Does EY offer you greater flexibility, better pension, better bonuses etc?

Or does the role itself seem to have more meat around it than what is offered by ACN? I can tell you one thing for sure: either or both companies can have BS roles that sound great on paper but have no substance behind them in reality.

So as you can see there is a lot to consider besides salary here. The other thing to consider about London is the cost of living there or commuting. Have you looked at the prices of train tickets lately? Given the fact that you are considering roles in Manchester and in London, I am guessing you are somewhere midway, so your salary differential can be easily eaten up by the cost of commuting unless you are prepared to live in London in which case you can easily end up worse off with your 70K+.

I know it sounds like stating the obvious but I would seriously rethink the approach to job offers to something other than just salary.

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