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Capgimini Offer - please help

#1 Capgimini Offer - please help
09/03/2017 15:35


Hi all

Need your advise please - I work in Accenture since 2 years now as Consultant and in discussion now with Capgimini for a manager role in technology (T7 grade) - they are talking about 53K basic +9K Felxi fund which makes 62K , they will add Pension on the top of this

I am currently a consultant in Accenture at 50K , but my previous experience is much higher than a consultant but that was my call to jump into IT and consulting world

My questions are:

- is 62K package for manager role in Technology in CG a fair offer? my thought is that it is low for the position regardless my current salary ?

- does it worth to move from Accenture to CG for 12K difference a year? knowing that I had already my network, the ACN brand and the fact that I will may get promoted by end of the year to Associate manager?



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#2 RE: Capgimini Offer - please help
09/03/2017 16:27

Whizz to ibabdelt (#1)

Resisting the urge to be an a** and correct your grammar...

Put it this way, if somebody offered you a £12k salary increase right now, would you take it? Of course you would. 24% as a salary increase is pretty good going. That being said, 53k as a base salary for a Manager doesn't sound like a lot, but I guess Cap balance that out with the high flexi fund.

Do you know what the starting salary for an Accenture manager is? I can't imagine it's significantly higher than 62k. Also, do you get a flexi fund with Accenture?

In terms of brand, I wouldn't say that there is much different between ACN and Cap so I'd take the new role. Remember you aren't guaranteed promotion at ACN.

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#3 RE: Capgimini Offer - please help
10/03/2017 14:57

ibabdelt to Whizz (#2)

Thanks a lot that was really helpful - it's always good to think loudly and get another view


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#4 RE: Capgimini Offer - please help
10/03/2017 19:15

cloudnumbernine4u to ibabdelt (#1)

Do not take this offer. Accenture you are not guaranteed a promotion , but if you keep doing the right things, you will get it in 1-2 years. There is a huge jump from consultant to manager in Accenture in terms of Salary and immediately your gross earning even at the lowest end of manager at Accenture will be 80-85K on a 68K basic salary. In CG, how many years you will take to reach there after joining on 53K basic? Not worth so don't join.

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#5 RE: Capgimini Offer - please help
10/03/2017 22:43

MikeTC to cloudnumbernine4u (#4)

You're claiming he will get a 40% rise to move up a grade?

What are you basing this on?

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#6 RE: Capgimini Offer - please help
11/03/2017 20:07

ibabdelt to cloudnumbernine4u (#4)

Thanks for the advise, just to let you know that I am technology consultant level 9 in Accenture, so my next level would be Associate manager level 8 then manager level 7 , that is almost a 5 years journy to manager, let alone that I have spent already 3 years as consultant, I am not young though and i have over 15 years of experience in my field, but that was the price I paid to jump inti IT , Consulting and get Accenture brand on my CV

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#7 RE: Capgimini Offer - please help
13/03/2017 08:50

cloudnumbernine4u to ibabdelt (#6)

OK so if you are moving to level 8 then you are right you have a long way to go. Level 7 manager is what I had written about in terms of salary when you move from consultant grade to manager in consulting organisation.

@Mike Accenture there is basic minimum salary at manager level irrespective of what was your salary as consultant. So if you were on low salary before your promotion you do get a very significant jump as manager. On top of it benefits package is really good as compared to other firms. And you may have guessed ..I do have Accenture experience...!...( I am only talking about salary and benefits wise I won't compare any consulting firms as they are all same )

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