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Seeking Advice

#1 Seeking Advice
03/03/2017 01:27


Hi Guys

New to the forum and would appreciate some advice from people like you (been there and done it/here and doing it).

A bit of background information on myself.

26 YO male from the West Midlands

Studied Law with Business gained a 2:2

Lived in Australia for 3 1/2 years working for the local hospital in a variety of roles admin and HR.

Moving back to the UK within the next 6 months.

To cut a long story short I was never a high flying student like most of you probably were as you can see by my university grade. Not really down to intellect but more down to immaturity and just going through the motions of study. It's been a massive regret of mine not choosing a degree in a business field rather than law as I always enjoyed business, but was talked into gaining a degree that could lead to a silly was that when I had never studied any kind of law at school. Anyway, I graduated kicking and screaming. Like I have mentioned above I moved to Australia and fell in love with the lifestyle and actually made quite good money for the work I was doing compared to being in England. But now I'm 26 and feel it's time to move back and get serious about a career as it's all I've really wanted but underestimated the work it takes to actually succeed (that's the immaturity there) I'm ready to work hard and finally feel like I'm living up to my potential. So that being said, I've looked into management consulting and the prospect of challenging rewarding work surrounded by highly skilled intellectuals really excites me. But I have quite a few questions.

1. I have applied for a Msc in Management Consultancy which includes an internship. Being as I have a 2:2 I thought that gaining the masters and applying the knowledge I've learnt and gaining that initial experience may better my chances of employment and can allow me to be more flexible about the core areas to specialise in afterwards. Or do I study a masters in a specific aspect such as HR, strategy etc where I could become a consultant in that specific field?

2. Is consultancy fulfilling for the most part?

3. What are the main considerations when pursuing a career in consultancy?

4. Any good resources you guys could point me towards regarding this career?

I've tried to give an honest assessment of myself here as I know forum members can be brutal and will poke holes in your bullsh*t.

I really want to achieve in life and have always loved business. It may have come late, but I'm ready and mature enough now to make steps towards a real career and would love your advice


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#2 RE: Seeking Advice
20/03/2017 17:47

Tony Restell ( to wts91 (#1)

One thought - have you considered trying to secure a consulting job there in Australia? The market there's been booming of late and the local offices have been bringing in consultants from abroad to hit their hiring targets. Your 2.2 and unrelated work experience are going to be a considerable hurdle in the UK. I'd say getting into a good business school to study for an MBA (nothing else) is the only route open to you to getg a consulting career back in the UK. But if you could secure any consulting role in Australia then your employability in consulting when moving back to the UK would be greatly enhanced - and I suspect the 2.2 would be less of an issue there too. Hope that helps.


P.S. don't get hung up on the degree choice you made way back when. Plenty of people get into consulting with all sorts of degree choices, so I don't think this was really a major factor other than if it contributed to you getting a 2.2

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