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Accenture and career advice

#1 Accenture and career advice
19/09/2016 21:45


Hi all,

I love this forum and now i'm coming to it for advice.

I've recently accepted a graduate offer with Accenture in a Client Delivery role in Newcastle. So it's a project management role that covers the full lifecycle from strategy (apparently, but i highly doubt it), to programming, and delivery.

I'm looking forward to the role but i'm not sure it really fits in with my career aspirations; i don't think i'll enjoy programming much, and it's Newcastle!

My question to the forum: How employable are these skills? What if later i want to do something more business analysis / strategy / something other than technology?

Also: Does anyone have experience moving offices with Accenture after a year or so?

I'm worried that a few years down the line i'll just be known as some techy, or a technology project manager.


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#2 RE: Accenture and career advice
20/09/2016 09:00

Tony Restell ( to kbb0808 (#1)

Glad you've been finding the forum insightful and thanks for the compliment!

My input on this would be as follows. I do a lot of work with business schools around Europe to help their MBAs in pursuing the career move they aspire to upon graduation. The two single biggest obstacles to people succeeding in pursuing a strategy consulting career post-MBA are i) they need a visa to work in Europe and ii) the role they held prior to their MBA has them pigeon-holed in a way that they are not considered by strategy consulting practices. The latter is a big issue.

If after a few years you can get into one of the very top business schools (ie. INSEAD and the like) then you will in all likelihood have no difficulty securing a strategy consulting offer. But if you stay in consulting without doing an MBA, or you only get into a regular business school, then your odds of breaking into strategy consulting are very low indeed.

I have come across instances of people successfully switching practices within Accenture and other similar consultancies during the early years of their careers, so I don't think this would be out of the question. Usually they've managed to get themselves staffed on a project with a Partner who they've impressed and who's then fought their corner to get them a permanent transfer. I couldn't say how common or easily achieved this is in a company like Accenture though, I would have to defer to those here on the forum who actually working there.

As an aside, you don't say where you've graduated from or what degree you got? This is crucial info for making an informed choice here. Accepting this offer is only a mistake if you would genuinely have a good shot at securing a graduate entry strategy consulting role. If that's not on the cards, then the offer you have may well be your best shot at pursuing a successful career in consulting.

I hope the above helps with your thinking.


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