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Making the move from Industry to the Big 4...

#1 Making the move from Industry to the Big 4...
31/08/2016 17:43



First post on here so please be gentle if I haven't followed the correct etiquette. I have found this forum whilst doing some research for an upcoming interview and what a great find this has been (and where has my afternoon gone?!). I am hoping I can tap into the resource here for career advice and generally bounce some ideas (as well as actively contribute of course!).

A little background on me. I graduated from University with a degree in Accounting & Financial Management and have worked in progressive roles in industry for the last 7 years whilst completing my CIMA qualification a few years ago. Due to circumstances I have managed to work in a number of industries and found myself working closely with senior management (Managing Director / Chief Operating Officer /Head of Operations etc) where I have been responsible for reviewing & analysing financial statements, forecasting & budgeting, profitability analysis, building financial models & investment appraisals, cost control, finance process improvement, to name a few things.

I have always wanted to pursue a career in the Big 4 in an area where my background could add value. I have kept an eye on Transaction Services as the fast-pace and M&A type work seems to be a fit with what I would like to do. However, being an outsider to the industry I am some what uneducated on what to expect and how things work so I have a number of broad questions.

Not sure what to expect here, but if you don't ask you don't know?! So here are a few of my questions.

1. Are there synergies between the type of work (skills) I have done (acquired) in Industry and to what is involved in TS?

2. I have an interview coming up for an Associate level (Grade D) TS role at a Big 4. Can anyone shed some light on what this may entail and how I can best prepare for this? What is the typical recruitment process for experienced hires at this grade?

3. Any tips on how I could blow the minds of those interviewing me (maybe not the best choice of words)? I want to be well read up on the area, any recommendations?

4. What would a typical day of an Associate at TS look like?

5. Is there anyone here who has made a similar move and if so, care to share your experience please?

Thanks in advance to anyone that has taken the time to read this!

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#2 RE: Making the move from Industry to the Big 4...
02/09/2016 21:03

Richthekeeper to P_Bateman (#1)

Not sure if Associate is the same thing where you come from, but in my company it's the lowest grade, akin to a graduate position.

With the experience you have and your professional qualification already in the bag, won't this be too junior a role for you?

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#3 RE: Making the move from Industry to the Big 4...
08/09/2016 09:23

P_Bateman to Richthekeeper (#2)

Thanks for your reply Richthekeeper.

Having spoken to a few people, the associate grade is that of an assistant manager and as I do not have any professional services experience, it would be the entry point for me.

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